False Positives: Why a Drug Test Might Appear Positive

Sometimes, false positive drug test results do happen and there are a number of reasons why this could occur. When an employee fails a drug test, most employers automatically fire them. Maintaining a drug-free workplace is important most employers, after all, and the NDIC reports that around 87% of all employees have used an illicit drug of some type during the past month. But, this isn’t the case and sometimes the employee is actually telling the truth. Some of the most common reasons that a false positive result may occur:

Cocoa Tea

A 2006 study of just five people showed that 2 of the respondents reported positive for cocaine after consuming this tea. Those patients remained positive for 36-hours after the original drug testing san jose.

Baby Soap

As crazy as it sounds, baby soaps have also led to false positive drug tests in the past. A 2012 study reported that a newborn may test positive for drugs after using this wash in the hospital.


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Numerous medications may contain active ingredients that cause a false positive drug test result. Despite the thoughts of many, it isn’t just prescription medications that cause such an occurrence and even OTC cold medicines can cause this problem.

Second-Hand Marijuana Smoke

Marijuana is the most commonly abused drug in the United States, but not everyone smokes the herb. Even still, it is possible to test positive on a drug test for the drug if you’ve inhaled secondhand smoke after being around those who were consuming the drug.

Maybe it isn’t so far-fetched of an idea that the drug test was wrong. There are many strange things that can cause a false positive, after all. The list of possibilities here is just a few of the many reasons that a drug test high result in a positive result.